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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 True Wireless Noise-Cancelling Earphones


In the early 2021,Samsung released Galaxy Buds Pro,a flagship TWS earphone product.As a summary of previous generations,both hardware and software functions have benn greatly updated.In august,Samsung released Galaxy Buds again at its antumn conference,The apprearance of the Galaxy Buds returned to the color matching of the first generation of products,making it more youthful.Sompared with Pro,there are both improvements and cuts in functions.


Galaxy Buds true wireless earphone in the apprearance of the biggest feature is to make a new attempt in color matching,the use of inernal and external dual-color splicing design,all color matching shell is white.The earphones are still in-ear style with a natural design and a smooth,rounded body.


Galaxy Buds2 true wireless earphone is the combination of dual units,supporting active noise reduct function.The headset is equipped with 3 microphone banks,with AI algorithm and wind-proof noise structure to improve the quality of voice calls.It also supports fast charging and wireless charging.


The charging box master chip is Samsungs own integrated power management chip MUA01,which is the industrys first solution to support wireless and wired charging in a single chip.The peripheral circuit is very simple.Previously,it has been applied on Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro,Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds+ wireless bluetooth earphones.


Samsung MUA01 supports the wireless charging Alliances(WPC) Qi 1.2.4 wireless charging standard,In order to provide effective power management,the MUA01 integrates an efficient switch charger,MUA01 also has built-in MCU and embedded flash memory,which can be upgraded over the air to reduce the use of peripheral compoments and reduce the board area.

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