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Xiaomi's products support Qualcomm's Snapdragon Sound Technology


Xiaomi has released a new version of its FlipBuds Pro real wireless noise-canceling earphones recently. The update message reads "support qualcomm Snapdragon Sound, first support models: mi 11Ultra, mi 11Pro".

Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound technology integrates and optimizes a number of leading qualcomm, connection and mobile technology, aiming to make smart phones, wireless earphones and headphones have seamless between terminal and terminal immersive audio experience,it can provide consistent quality, reliable connection and low delay, and to ensure that end-to-end interoperability at the same time.

The phone models that upgrade qualcomm's Snapdragon Sound technology are mi 11Ultra and mi 11Pro, and the TWS real wireless earphones are xiaomi's noise-canceling earphones, FlipBuds Pro.

Both Mi 11Ultra and Mi 11Pro are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform and FastConnect 6900 mobile connection system, while Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro is equipped with Qualcomm QCC5151 Bluetooth audio SoC. Both products meet the hardware conditions of SnapDragon Changli technology.The third, audio and voice technology, is brand and product free.

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