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LG's Tone Free DFP8W germicidal headset was released


The appearance and shape of TWS headphones as well as the in-ear wearing mode commonly used at present will form a relatively closed space inside the ear canal. In addition, due to factors such as human sweat secretion caused by hot weather, bacteria are more likely to grow, which will have a certain impact on our wearing and use.

LG's TWS earphone products are characterized by sterilization, and it has successively launched TONE Free HBS-FN6 and TONE Free.Recently, LG released a new generation of bactericidal earphones Tone Free DFP8W, support active noise reduction function.

In terms of appearance, the charging case of LG Tone Free DFP8W real wireless headphones uses an oval "compact box" design, which supports the function of UVnano sterilization.UVnano is the logo of LG's products supporting UV LED sterilization function. It is a combination of UV LED and UV wavelength unit nanometers.

When LG Tone Free DFP8W is in use, when the headset is put into the charging case, the charging case is connected to the power supply, the UVnano function is automatically turned on, and 99.9% of the bacteria on the headset case is killed by ultraviolet light to ensure the hygiene and safety of daily use.

LG Tone Free DFP8W uses 8mm driver unit, Bluetooth 5.2 audio chip, apT-X, AAC and SBC audio codec support;Using Meridian Sound technology to provide realistic spatial Sound and hi-Fi Sound, 3D Sound field gives you an immersive sensory experience.

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