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Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound


Snapdragon Sound integrates and optimizes Qualcomm's leading audio, connectivity, and mobile technologies to deliver consistently consistent Sound quality&reliable connectivity and low latency to solve common wireless audio problems.The Snapdragon Sound-optimized terminal delivers top performance through the following combination of key features while ensuring end-to-end interoperability.

For smartphone vendors, Snapdragon Sound can help them create differentiated products and a seamless experience that is instantly available to users.In addition, pre-certified solutions across device and terminal segments can help handset manufacturers reduce development time and cost.

For audio vendors, Snapdragon Sound can help them differentiate their products across an ecosystem of different verticals and take advantage of the huge opportunities within the vast Android ecosystem.

For consumers, Snapdragon Sound makes it easier for them to identify products with the best Sound quality and provide them with more product choices.Each Snapdragon Sound optimized terminal with the Snapdragon Sound brand logo has passed Qualcomm Technologies' rigorous performance tests on time delays, voice call quality, music quality, and robust connectivity.

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