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JL launched AC700N series bluetooth audio SoC


The rapid development of TWS headsets has brought great opportunities for relevant supply chain manufacturers, in which Bluetooth audio SoC occupies a particularly important position.Jieli technology in this field has been launched a number of excellent performance products, by many customers and the market recognition.

Jieli Technology held the "Innovation Together, Win-Win Future" 2021 Jieli Technology "Core" product online conference, launched a new generation of Bluetooth headphone chip AC700N series, as well as Bluetooth Internet of Things/Universal MCU/ Universal Audio three latest chip products.

The launch of the AC700N series Bluetooth headphone chip, compared with the previous generation of products and performance has been greatly improved, the function is also more rich, and according to the product form and functional applications to launch different solutions

AC700N bluetooth audio chip should be on the headset/neck bluetooth headset, TWS headset (active noise reduction, call noise reduction), game headset and sports headset and other different product forms and product functions focused on the introduction of a number of corresponding solutions.

AC700N performance specification, Bluetooth RF RF, DAC, ADC performance is improved again, and the power consumption of the whole machine is reduced again compared with the last generation of products, the no-load power consumption is only 4.8mA.

The selection of TWS active noise reduction headset includes AC7003A8 and AC7006A8, which adopts QFN32 (4x4mm) package, supports 35ms low delay mode,and supports ENC environment sound noise reduction as well.

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