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The development of TWS Bluetooth earphone in-ear mode


With the development and progress of technology, the application scenarios of earphones are becoming more and more extensive. Whether they are waiting for a bus, walking, or working or studying, many people will choose to wear headphones to immerse themselves in their own world and reduce the impact on others. In the evolution of headphones, there are three main ways to ear headphones at present, namely, earplug, in-ear and semi-in-ear. In-ear earphones are comfortable to wear, but have poor airtightness, and the sound quality is obviously affected by external noise. This type of earphone is suitable for consumer groups that do not require high sound quality. In-ear earphones can directly transmit sound into the ear canal, and have good sealing properties, which can obviously isolate external noises. The sound quality effect is better, but the comfort level of wearing is greatly challenged, and the ergonomic design ability The test is big. Semi-in-ear headphones have gradually achieved a balance between wearing comfort and sound quality requirements, and consumers have a better experience.

With the development of earphone technology, since the wearing comfort of semi-in-ear earphones can basically meet the needs of mass consumption, from the perspective of consumers, more people tend to choose in-ear or semi-in-ear earphones, which are compact and light. It is more in line with the needs of portable use scenarios, and the earplug style gradually fades out of the consumer's field of vision.

With the introduction of Airpods in 2016, Apple brought the headset into a completely wireless era. The form of wireless earphones has undergone the development of bean-type (earplug-type), stick-type, and hybrid modes. Especially the development of TWS Bluetooth earphones in recent years has resulted in various forms of earphones adapted to different periods.

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