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Cleer's new TWS Adaptive Noise Reduction Box earphone will be available soon


Cleer is launching Ally Plusii, a new generation of adaptive noise canceller box headphones for music lovers, using Qualcomm's flagship ultra-low power Bluetooth audio SoC, Qualcomm QCC5141, for the diverse needs of music lovers.And it has become the first real wireless earphone equipped with Qualcomm adaptive active noise reduction (ANC) technology in China.

Cleer's new TWS earphone will be called the Cleer Ally Plus II Adaptive Noise Reduction Box. The Noise Reduction Box is equipped with 6 in 1 black technology.It supports adaptive active noise reduction (ANC) technology, unique adaptive hearing detection, doubly-fed ANC noise reduction technology, automatic AI artificial intelligence noise reduction adjustment, noise reduction of 3-microphone windproof call, noise reduction bandwidth expansion to ensure sound quality and noise reduction balance.

In addition, the Cleer Ally Plus II noise reduction box also has a full transparency mode and a human voice transparency mode. The human voice transparency mode enables users to reduce noise and communicate with people in noisy indoor or outdoor environments

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