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The audio chip has been upgraded to Bluetooth version 5.2


Bluetooth version 5.2 is the core specification of the new version of Bluetooth released by the Bluetooth Technology Alliance. In the underlying technology, it lays the foundation for the new generation of Bluetooth Audio technology standard LE Audio.

Bluetooth version 5.2 and the launch of LE Audio are an upgrade to the standard of the entire Bluetooth Audio industry.For the original bluetooth chip manufacturer, the existing true wireless technology and Audio codec are not in conflict with Le Audio, and can also coexist in the future as an option;After Bluetooth chip unified support for LE Audio, Bluetooth devices of different brands in connection, sound quality, delay, power consumption and other aspects will be further improved, product quality and user experience will also be greatly improved.


Now via bluetooth 5.2 certified bluetooth audio SoC is the latest product, have stability in connection, transmission speed, power consumption has better optimization, connected to the bluetooth 5.2 version of the smartphone will have a better experience, and with the current bluetooth 5.0 phone connection may perceive is not obvious, but don't interfere with it a new type of TWS true wireless headset a big selling point.

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