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The chip development in bluetooth headset market


As the TWS headset market becomes more and more mature, consumers are more and more accepting of these magical bluetooth headset products, and the sales of headphone brand products also keep increasing, what followed by is fast growth of the TWS headset industry chain.

As the most important main chip market in the TWS headphone industry chain, all the original chip manufacturers in china and overseas are gearing up, and sharply competition totally.The first giant is the QCC Qualcomm, after that comes the Airhoha which is strong supportted of MTK.One of the world's top 10 chip design companies Realtek closed behind.After that the BES becomes the famous brand, and the sales of JL is so large.

It is reported that After more than a year of research and development, The Company Zhongke invested huge to create the new TWS top matching chip "News Dragon" series.

and "Xunlong" series is mainly positioned as TWS top matching chip series, including the following models:

1.Support for active noise reduction TWS headphone chip BT8892A (ANC)

2.Multi-function TWS headphone chip BT8892B(QFN32)

3.Universal TWS Headphone Chip BT8896A(QFN20)

4.Stereo Headphone Chip BT8895B(QFN24)

The intensive launch of multi-dimensional products is mainly to meet the comprehensive needs of high-end customer groups, and at the same time to show its long-term persistence and efforts, has a considerable technical and research and development strength.

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