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JBL CHARGE4 wireless Bluetooth speaker


JBL is an audio brand owned by Harman Katton. As an old audio manufacturer in the United States, JBL owns a series of processes, from the development of raw materials, to the design and production of speaker units, and then to the design and production of speakers.Its audio products have a wide range of services, ranging from professional fields to civil level, and can be seen in all kinds of audio fields.

 JBL CHARGE4 wireless Bluetooth speaker 4 is a continuation of the design of the previous generation in appearance. It is cylindrical in shape and completely wrapped in woven meshequipped with 50*90mm track speakers, the maximum output power is increased to 30W;The charging interface is upgraded to Type-C, the battery life reaches 20h, and it can be used as a charging treasure.IPX7 is also waterproof, as well as a series of multiple functions.

JBL CHARGE4 wireless Bluetooth speaker continues the design of the previous generation and inherits the family design language.Cylindrical appearance, large area of woven mesh wrapped, horizontal vertical mode, both the left and right sides of the radiation diaphragm, the diaphragm has JBL LOGO, the overall look is relatively simple, and very recognizable.With a large number of color, enrich the product's personalized choice.

Internal structure configuration, excellent workmanship, details in place.The components are connected by sockets and the cavity junctions are cushioned with sealant cushions.The loudspeaker unit with the maximum output power of 30W is adopted in the configuration, and the left and right low frequency radiation diaphragm units are combined to improve the low frequency sense.And equipped with Texas Instruments TPA3128D2 Class D amplifier and PCM5121 audio digital processor, as well as two runstone RS622 low noise operational amplifier to minimize the impact on the signal source, effectively ensure the sound quality effect.

The charging interface is replaced by Type-C from the previous generation of micro-USB, and the battery capacity is increased to 7500mAh, providing a lasting battery life of up to 20H for the speaker.The battery is equipped with a circuit protection board, which is fixed inside the plastic insulation bracket. The circuit protection IC and NMOS tube are on the protection board.It is also equipped with A USB-A interface to support the function of charging treasure, which can be used for emergency charging of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.And further more,

the main control chip adopts Qualcomm QCC5125 low-power Bluetooth audio SOC, supports Bluetooth 5.0, and has features of low-power and high-quality wireless audio.

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