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HomePod mini smart speaker is on sale


Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 series of smartphones and the next generation HomePod Mini smart speaker.After more than a month of waiting, HomePod mini legal channels finally went on sale on December 1

While HomePod Mini still maintains the same design style compared with its predecessor, HomePod Mini is quite different in terms of product size, functional configuration and other aspects.The fuselage adopts a circular shape, the surface is wrapped by a seamless web, and the overall height is less than 9cm.The trackpad at the top of the speaker is backlit and can produce different color fluctuations based on voice interactions.

In terms of features, the HomePod Mini is equipped with Apple S5 processor, ultra-broadband chip, accurate positioning of the latest Apple models and other smart home devices, based on a powerful ecosystem to achieve seamless connectivity between multiple devices.360-degree audio, intelligent assistant, home control, stereo combination and other functions can also be easily handled;The newly added broadcast function connects apple ecological devices in real time and transmits information to each other in the form of broadcast, which increases the usage scenarios and interests of the products.

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