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EDIFILER launched TWS NB2 Pro true wireless noise-cancelling earphones


EDIFILER launched a new NB2 Pro TWS true noise cancelling bluetooth wireless earphone, this product is up to the maximum noise reduction depth - 38 db, supports panoramic surround function&adopts new voice noise reduction algorithm, it supports AAC audio coding, and strengthens the function of fast charge, the point is that the price would be same 549RMB as last generation.

In terms of appearance, NB2 Pro keeps voice function like Ambler TWS NB2. The charging case is all clamshell design with leather texture on the surface, hard lines on the ear handle, which is more recognizable.To distinguish the two products, the Ambler TWS NB2 Pro is currently available only in grey, while TWS NB2 is available in black and white.

Ambulate TWS NB2 Pro adopts Hybrid Hybrid composite noise reduction scheme, which improves the noise reduction depth from -35dB of the previous generation to -38dB. In addition, the headset also adopts the new ENC dual microphone call noise reduction algorithm, which is fully optimized in terms of noise reduction function.

One of the highlights of the TWS NB2 Pro upgrade is the new support for "panoramic sound surround." The official promotion USES panoramic sound 3D sound field technology for more immersive sound effects and supports video and music playback, which is expected to be switched on and off in the Rambler APP.

In terms of acoustic configuration, Ambler TWS NB2 Pro has the same built-in 10mm composite diaphragm unit as the previous generation, and new support for AAC audio encoding, with higher decoding efficiency.

In terms of charging, Ambler TWS NB2 Pro supports fast charging function, which could be charging for 15 minutes, the headset can play for 2 hours, and the battery life data of 7+18 hours in noise reduction mode is the same as the previous generation.

As for other functions, TWS NB2 Pro supports adjustable ambient sounds, game mode delay as low as 80ms, infrared sensors for in-ear detection, touch-sensitive earphones, and more functions can be extended in the "Edifiler Connect" APP.


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