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Nokia’s new TWS headset P3802A


Nokia’s new TWS headset P3802A
Nokia's new P3802A ANC active noise-cancelling TWS headset has been quietly launched on Nokia's According to the official statement, the headset only supports SBC coding for the time being, and the noise reduction can reach up to 28dB.

The headset bluetooth version is 5.1, ANC active compound noise reduction, with a 12.5 mm large diameter diaphragm, impedance for 32 Ω, through the professional three frequency tuning.Officials say it can last up to 35 hours with a charging case and up to 7 hours of music playing on one ear.

In other aspects, Nokia P3802A ANC active noise reduction TWS headset supports 3 microphones for listening, has stronger noise lifting capability, supports IPX5 waterproof function, can enable Siri voice assistant with one click, has a variety of touch functions, and the weight of a single ear is 7 grams.

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