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Bluetooth speaker application


With the rapid development of Bluetooth smartphones and tablet computers in 2012, consumers have been amazed by their performance and screens. Due to the size, speakers alone have no good solutions. Hearing is also one of the most important human perceptions, and consumers are increasingly demanding this part. The bluetooth speaker takes advantage of the trend, and its portable way, wireless transmission, and stylish appearance are strongly loved by consumers.

Unlike other wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers have their unique characteristics:

1. Widely used

Bluetooth technology specifications are unified globally. Mobile phones, PDAs, wireless headsets, laptops, automobiles, medical equipment, computer peripherals and many other devices can easily connect to Bluetooth devices for data transmission or voice communication as long as they have a Bluetooth adapter. , Good compatibility.

2. Easy to operate

Bluetooth technology is a real-time technology. It does not require a fixed infrastructure, and is easy to install and set up. It can be connected without a cable. It is very convenient to use. It can be put into use by simply completing the pairing, and the operation threshold is low.

3. Faster transmission speed

Compared with other methods such as infrared, the Bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed. The theoretical maximum speed of Bluetooth 4.0 reaches 24Mbps. A faster speed can ensure higher sound quality and make it have enough capacity to carry higher bit rates. Music.

4. Moderate transmission distance

The transmission distance of Bluetooth is generally less than 10 meters, which is exactly the size of a room, and can transmit data through walls, which is very suitable for home environment use.

Although there are many advantages, the Bluetooth transmission protocol, like other 2.4G devices, shares the signals of this frequency band, which will inevitably lead to signal interference. In addition, the Bluetooth protocol is not a free technology. Any manufacturer that uses this technology must pay a patent fee to the organization, and this part of the fee will also be reflected in the cost. In 2012, the price of Bluetooth audio equipment was still high. For ordinary products.

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