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Bluetooth headset pairing


Note: Before using a Bluetooth headset, the Bluetooth headset must be paired with a mobile phone or other Bluetooth device. Only after the pairing is successful can it be used. Pairing refers to establishing a connection between Bluetooth devices so that a Bluetooth device (such as a mobile phone) can remember the address of the Bluetooth headset.


Place the Bluetooth headset and mobile phone close to each other.


a. Put the headset into pairing mode.


Press and hold the multifunction key for about 8 seconds until the red indicator light and the blue indicator light begin to flash alternately, at this time your headset will enter the pairing state.


b. Enable the [Device Search] function of the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone. According to the instructions of the mobile phone manual, perform the Bluetooth device search function of the mobile phone. The process of searching for the Bluetooth device may take a few seconds. After the mobile phone search is completed, the device will be found and then paired with this.


c. When the pairing is successful, the red and blue indicator lights flashing alternately will turn into blue indicator lights.

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