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Sound quality Master Cleer ARC 3-arc in OWS industry


The brand Cleer held a grand new product conference in Shenzhen recently,launched the world's first open AI earphone Cleer ARC 3-tone arc. In the face of users' growing demands for earphone sound quality, comfort, intelligence and health, as well as the common pain points of ear pressure discomfort and isolation from the outside world caused by traditional closed earphones worn for a long time, Cleer ARC series of the first and second generation of open earphones have also emerged, with their unique open design&advanced audio technology&intelligent body sense. Leading the industry's new "Sound" world,it subverts the listening experience of traditional headphones, so that users can enjoy high-quality music while maintaining smooth communication with the surrounding environment&greatly improving the comfort of wearing and the flexibility and intelligence of the use of the scene.

Cleer ARC 3 is the world's first Dolby sound in open earphones, along with Dolby Head Tracking™, so you could be in the center of the scene, making the headset experience more natural and realistic, and feel the lifelike natural sound moving with you&Bring the experience of virtuoso sound like a live concert. Combined with Qualcomm's latest flagship S5 audio chip and Snapdragon Sound listening technology, it supports efficient transmission of lossless or high-resolution audio, so that the sound can be clear and full.

Its high sound quality is also recognized by the audio industry's high standards of Hi-Res and LDAC authoritative certification, which means that Cleer ARC 3 ARC supports the playback and transmission of audio content exceeding CD quality (16-bit/44.1kHz), reaching the international first-class level, especially in open earphones. Its master sound performance is far and away the best.

Cleer ARC 3 sound arc is built with the advanced AI exercise algorithm developed by Gomore, which can help users to monitor sports physiological data in real time, such as accurate exercise data such as calories consumed, training load and recovery time, and advanced running indicators, providing them with more accurate and scientific exercise guidance and creating a personal AI fitness coach for users.

On intelligent interaction, in addition to inheriting the existing touch control and intelligent motion sensing control of the second generation, Cleer ARC 3 voice arc also integrates the voice control technology of going out to ask, and upgrades the AI voice control, so that you can wake up the voice assistant without prompting words, and use quick passwords such as "next" and "answer the phone" to perform corresponding operations. Enable more natural and direct intelligent interaction. At the same time, the Cleer ARC 3 sound arc also has an innovative photo assistance function, just say "Yea" gently for example, the headset will instantly send instructions, triggering the phone to capture wonderful moments.

In addition, the Cleer ARC 3 sound arc also plays a new height on the headset accessories, and the intelligence of its charging bin is improved straight away, not only the ultraviolet disinfection function used only for the sports charging bin in the second generation, but also the popularization of the third generation product line, and the high-definition display screen is configured on the charging bin. Not only can the earphone charging status, remaining power, connection status and other basic information be displayed more intuitively, but also the latest exercise data and health indicators, such as steps&calories consumed,&heart rate and blood oxygen, can be learned in real time through the display screen during exercise. At the same time, Cleer ARC 3 sound arc is also equipped with a stylish and powerful intelligent ring, allowing users to control various multimedia applications at their fingertips, enjoying a seamless and convenient interactive experience. For example, the integrated touch control area on the ring can realize music playback/pause, previous song/next song switch and other operations when playing music. You can remotely trigger the phone to take a selfie with just one tap, and easily control the shooting operation when taking photos.Or when watching videos, just slide the finger finger gently ring, you can complete the video playback&pause&switch and other operations, more smoothly enjoy audio and video entertainment.

One of the biggest breakthroughs is the AI noise reduction effect achieved in open headphones. For many people, open and active noise reduction seem to be opposite concepts. Because open wireless stereo does not provide enough closed environment, it is difficult to prevent noise from entering. However, Cleer ARC 3 acoustic arc introduces a new generation of AI chip GAP9 and AI algorithm through clever acoustic design, seeking a balance between openness and noise reduction, and achieving AI noise reduction effect in open earphones for the first time. This innovative attempt not only challenges the traditional concept that OWS cannot reduce noise, which breaking the limitations of open earbuds in noise control, it also won the certificate of Cleer ARC 3 Arc Global open AI noise reduction Headset Pioneer which issued by Sullivan.

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