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BLUETRUM BT8926B For wireless earphone


BLUETRUM BT8926B is a high performance and low power Bluetooth audio chip. The key benefits of the chip includes: 

1.Low power consumption: The BLUETRUM BT8926B uses a low-power design to make it last longer,making it suitable for products such as wireless headphones that rely on battery power. 

2.High quality audio transmission: The BT8926B uses the latest Bluetooth 5.4 technology for faster data transmission speeds and more stable data connectivity. It supports a variety of audio formats, such as SBC, AAC and aptX, as well as high-fidelity audio decoding and playback for a better music experience. 

3.Good anti-interference performance: BT8926B has good anti-interference performance,which can effectively prevent the wireless signal of other electronic devices from interfering with the Bluetooth audio signal, so as to better protect the music quality of wireless headphones. 

4.Strong compatibility: BT8926B can not only be compatible with mobile phones,computers, tablets and other devices, but also support a variety of Bluetooth protocols, such as BLE, BR, EDR, etc., so that it can be more convenient to connect different Bluetooth devices. 

BLUETRUM BT8926B plays a significant role in Bluetooth headsets.It can provide a better music experience, more efficient data transfer, more stable wireless connection and longer battery life, so as to better meet people's needs for high-quality music wireless headphones.

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