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The effect of graphene horn on the sound quality for TWS earphone


The sound quality of TWS earbud from graphene honr is generally considered to be excellent. Graphene is a material composed of carbon atoms that has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. These enable the graphene horn to produce a clearer and more accurate sound quality performance. The advantage of graphene horn is that it can provide a wider frequency response range and lower distortion rate. This means that the sound quality is closer to the original audio signal, with richer details and clearer sound. At the same time, the fast vibration characteristics of graphene materials also help to improve the low-frequency response and the dynamic range of music, and enhance the layering of music. 

However, Bluetooth technology itself also has a certain impact on sound quality. Bluetooth transmission standards usually compress audio, which may result in a slight loss of sound quality. However, with the continuous development of Bluetooth technology and the emergence of high-quality sound codecs such as aptX, the sound quality of Bluetooth earphone has been further improved. In summary, the sound quality of Bluetooth earphone with graphene horn is generally considered to be excellent, but the final sound quality will also be affected by Bluetooth technology and the design of the earphonet] itself. If you have higher requirements for sound quality, you can choose a Bluetooth earphone that supports high-quality sound codecs and try to avoid audio compression.

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